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First book: Scythe. Madeleine and Elliott begin exchanging messages through a secret gap between our world and another that wreaks havoc on their separate realms and may prove to be the key to unraveling the mysteries of their lives. First book: A Corner of White. Xifeng is destined to be a great empress, but only if she turns her back on the man who loves her and embraces dark magic.

First book: The Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Every generation, three sisters are born with equal claim to the throne and powerful magic. When they turn sixteen, they must compete not only for the throne, but for their lives. There can only be one queen left standing. First book: Three Dark Thrones. In an alternate Victorian world, broken clocks can fracture time and clock mechanic Danny is desperate to fix the clock that traps his father.

First book: Timekeeper. In a world populated with monsters and graces, two very different young women must learn the embrace their dangerous abilities and dark pasts in order to bring their realms together. First book: Graceling. Nick thinks he knew everything about the world, until one of his friends turns into a zombie and tries to kill him. First book: Infinity. In these two companion series, vampires and were-creatures populate our own world, living in Austin, TX, solving murders and assorted crime, and working at a vampire-themed restaurant.

First book: Tantalize. Sierra Santiago is planning on an easy summer of working on her art when a zombie crashes a party and the street art in her neighborhood starts moving. First book: Shadowshaper.

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Alex, a bruja, hates magic. First book: Labyrinth Lost. First book: These Vicious Masks.

Suze is a mediator: she talks to ghosts and helps them move on. First Book: Shadowland. What she finds may be more than she bargained for. First book: Living Violet. First book: Precious Blood. On the eve of her presentation to the queen, Lady Helen discovers a dark threat of demons at every level of society, and one lord whose task it is to attempt to keep them in order. First book: The Dark Days Club.

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Best friends Lissa and Rose fled from St. As Rose struggles to keep Lissa safe, she begins training with the mysterious Dimitri, who might be the only one to take her concerns seriously. First book: Vampire Academy. First book: The Iron King. First book: The Bone Witch. First book: Vicious Deep. When Allie and Nick die in a car crash, they end up in the Everlost, an in-between world where lost souls congregate.

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First book: Everlost. Told in briefs, interviews, transcripts, and even AI poetry, this intense series is about what happens when teens take on an evil corporation, uncovering galaxy-changing secrets and scientific discoveries. First book: Illuminae. Four fairy tales are retold in the far future, where cyborgs and space travel are reality. First book: Cinder. In , New York City is a hub of tech advances, and five teens are swept up in betrayal, dark secrets, and a shocking death around a thousand-floor tower. First book: The Thousandth Floor. First book: Alienated.

First book: Origin. First book: Across the Universe. First book: A Thousand Pieces of You.

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When a luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and crashes on the nearest planet, two teens from very different social classes must band together to survive. First book: These Broken Stars. First book: Firstlife.

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  6. In post-apocalyptic Australia, young people have developed strange powers that the government fears. First book: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf. First book: Shatter Me. Three teens set to be unwound go on the run, determined to escape their fates. First book: Unwind. In a world where normal is Ugly, teens count down the days until they can have the cosmetic surgery that allows them to become Pretties.

    Tally is eager for her surgery, until she learns the truth about what becoming a Pretty really means. First book: Uglies. In the near future, one seventeen-year-old from Idaho inadvertently fires the gunshot that brings about the second Civil War in an epic battle between the rights of the states vs. First book: Divided We Fall. First book: The Adoration of Jenna Fox. Mary lives deep in the forest, where the fence keeps out the Unconsecrated and the Sisterhood rules over them all, but she dreams of the ocean.

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    When the fence is breached, Mary learn the horrific truth about her village, and the forest. First book: The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Surviving season changes, natural disasters, and the mental toll of uncertainty, Miranda records life in their drastically-altered world. In post-apocalyptic United States, June is a military prodigy determined to discover who killed her brother. Day is a criminal, and the prime suspect.

    First book: Legend. First book: The Darkest Minds. An exile and an outsider must form an alliance in order to survive in a war-ravaged land. First book: Under the Never Sky. They can surrender…or they can fight back. First book: Tomorrow, When the War Began. A mysterious illness wipes out most of the population, leaving New York to be ruled by tribes of teens. When one tribe discovers a clue for a cure, five teens bravely set out across a dangerous landscape in search of it.

    First book: The Young World. Based on an Apache legend, with a dystopian twist. When a Cloud appears, rendering all modern technology useless, Lozen is one of the only people left with the ability to fight genetically modified monsters and zombies for the tyrant who holds her family hostage. First book: Killer of Enemies.

    First book: Asylum. Then weird stuff starts happening, and Kasey is no longer the nice little sister she knows…something has taken hold of her. Whatever it is wants her mom, and Sunshine is the only one who can save her. First book: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.

    First book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. When Jacob visits mysterious island, he discovers its past as an orphanage full of orphans with peculiar talents…and they might still be alive. Want more? Listen Shop Insiders. Mary Weber takes readers on a non-stop, full-throttle adventure to save humankind. Get in the game! Lockhart After a panic attack sends her to therapy, Ruby Oliver lists her crushes processes her social anxiety. First book: Trouble is a Friend of Mine Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter A six-book series that follows the ups and downs of a group of teen girls attending a super secret school for spies.

    First book: The Princess Diaries Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han This expansive trilogy follows the relationship between Belly and the two boys she loves, Conrad and Jeremiah, set across three life-changing summers. First book: Amor and Summer Secrets Summers of the Sisterhood series by Anna Brashares Four best friends, spending the summer apart for the first time in their lives, share a magical pair of jeans.

    First book: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants The Conspiracy of Us series by Maggie Hall Avery is believed to be the key to an ancient prophecy, and is guarded closely by a powerful secret society. First book: A Brief History of Montmaray Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy by Michelle Zink When twins Lia and Alice find themselves orphaned, they also discover a prophecy that pits them against each other in magical struggle for good and evil.

    First book: The Prophecy of the Sisters The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen Manhattan at the turn of the century is a struggle between new and old money, and four young women from three very different backgrounds struggle to find love and their own places in society. First book: Vixen Jackaby series by William Ritter Abigail has a talent for noticing details others miss, and Jackaby is an investigator for the unexplainable. First book: Alanna, the First Adventure Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes Four young people grapple with politics and magic in an epic struggle for power.

    First book: Sabriel Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta Lumatere, once a tiny and flourishing nation, is destroyed one night when usurpers kill the royal family and raise a magical boundary around the kingdom.