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The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Lyrics - Atomic Kitten - Soundtrack Lyrics

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I do know this one too. This is, indeed, rather bland to say the least. But there is a lot of general adequacy on that list, even by Now standards — unexceptional-but-serviceable dance-pop at the back end of CD1, and lots of mediocre pop depth throughout most of that disc. Which makes sense in this era — the record industry was basically in strong financial position, whilst also seeing the digital danger even if there was too much focus on piracy as the potential murder weapon.

Couple that with the warp-speed chart turnover of this era and you have a recipe for making lots of quick bets on the here and now, which is how you get things like Abs getting a shot at a solo career or half the Pop Idol finalists getting record deals. Surely, to the general public outside the nu-metal crowd to which I was so heavily exposed as a sixth-former at the time, that was a gimmick record?

And that gimmick was the swearing that obviously had to be edited out for Now? Then the, shall we say, Kerrang stuff is a bad mix, even if they all appealed to me as a boy.

The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Lyrics

The Summer Nights-but-not-geddit!? Girl All the Bad Guys Want at least offers up a smile. But brand loyalty prevailed and indeed s Hits albums were just as prone, and often more so, to lesser hits clogging up the track list in unusual places for every Freeek! I gave this a too charitable 4, but note that my upcoming scores are 4, 4, 6, 6, 5, 1, 5 and 3. This is not the most exciting time to spur a revival of your project, but all the best if that is your intention!

God this is dull. Her Mercury Prize was really a noose round her neck, like it so often is to its winners. Week 3 Loads of new entries, nothing I really feel like commenting on if I can call this commenting. Kelly Osborne, in case you were wondering, boys and girls. Sigh, And Moving on. And everyone. Got to be one or the other. This version sounds like AI karaoke — slick, efficient and charmless. If this was number 1 when you were born paste [stork-boy] or [stork-girl] into the start of your comment :.

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They get early posts, exclusive material, and more. You could be one of them! Freaky Trigger Est. Popular I'm writing about every UK number one single, in order. Village People albums may….

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Tom invented Freaky Trigger on a bus journey in the mids. A page about what he's up to can be found here. What kind of a brand is that, its just the pavement, right? Wrong my friends. Tarmac is a brand and an awe-inspiring dominant one at that. I love brands whose names are synonymous with their main product, it shows an awesome degree of brand dominance when the brand name becomes subsumed into language.

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But […]. The Results, Decade By Decade. And my goodness, what a nail-biter of a contest this has been. Halfway through the voting, two decades broke decisively ahead of the pack, establishing a lead that proved impossible to catch up with. Although one of them looked to have the edge, its rival […]. First, it raised a lot of awareness and money and established the pop single as an excellent mechanism for doing those things.

This was significant.

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  • Equally British cars barely get a look-in. So there […]. The Ultimate Future Shock!!!!!! The point of this post is very simple. If you want to be a manager in the Pop World Cup, put your name in the comments […]. The cod-philosophical question at the centre of pop fandom is this: is pop a genre or a state?