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A new addition made its way into the PEI beverage scene early this Summer. Red Island Cider produces a range of ciders in their Charlottetown facility, something that was inaccessible to producers prior to this venture. Legislation used to lump hard cider producers in with wineries, making it necessary to grow a portion of the raw material.

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This limitation turned numerous interested parties away from the potential of making apple cider here on PEI. Fortunately for us, the Red Island team worked with the PEI Liquor Commission to change policy, bringing it in line with neighbouring provinces, making the orchard element unnecessary. Around the capital, you will be able to see reptiles, lemurs and Amphibians. A bit more south, you will see humpback whales, and towards the west of the country, water birds. This land is a result of a mix of African and Asian cultures. The fadys are taboos, they are banned place intended to alleviate the ancestors.

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Famadihana takes place between June and August and lasts 3 days. The first day, all the villagers gather around a great meal.

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Lorne Oliver has his own tone to his writing, a unique voice that can seem detached in times of "stress" in the Lorne Oliver is a writing colleague and friend. Lorne Oliver has his own tone to his writing, a unique voice that can seem detached in times of "stress" in the plot, but maybe that's the voice of Sergeant Reid of the RCMP; able to process stress quickly, move on to what has to get done. This is a murder mystery thriller, taking place in the scenic province of Prince Edward Island. A place know for ocean views, romantic settings, and the unique red mud that brings to mind blood.

We get to see both sides of the hunt; the conflicted major crimes sergeant versus the twisted and demented mind of a serial killer who is intent on toying with the man convinced only he can bring that madness to heel. Over all this book is well written, paced and researched.

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A definite must read for mystery readers who like things on the darker side. Oliver is gifted with a writing style that gets the reader disturbingly intimate with his main characters. Sergeant Reid is a restless sort, who really wants to do the right thing.

His past experience tracking, and eventually killing a serial killer makes him the perfect foil for the Red Island Killer. While the reader gets to know Sergeant Reid even his wife calls him Reid , in alternating chapters, he or she also gets to know how a serial killer is made. Ben Cooper may very well ha Oliver is gifted with a writing style that gets the reader disturbingly intimate with his main characters.

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  8. Ben Cooper may very well have started out like a lot of neighborhood kids. As his history unfolded in a series of vignettes, I found myself drawn to Cooper. I wanted to feel sorry for him. In the present, the heinous crimes he committed horrified me to no end, as did his hair-trigger temper. Reid is an interesting hero. He moved to Prince Edward Island to start over in a peaceful place. His past apprehension of a serial killer, unfortunately, makes him the perfect point man for solving the mystery of Ben Cooper.

    The pacing is quick. There is no lag time in the story at all. You barely have time to catch your breath. If I were to change one thing, it would be to give the women Reid interacted with a little bit more depth. Aug 03, Allen rated it liked it Shelves: proofed. The plot is good. It would have been an interesting read, but I was catching errors faster than I was catching the perp.

    Errors won, only one perp as expected but errors, mostly in spelling, are just unacceptable. This author needs to take this book back and get someone else, preferably literate, to proof read it for him. I will overlook 3 errors per book but not ? People may find this criticism overly harsh, but this many errors just spoils a book for me.

    Your Mileage May Vary. May 28, Sandra rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put the book down, this is the third time I have read it and I still find it interesting, I like that you know what's going on from both sides, and it all comes together at the end, a very good read. Jan 18, Shelley marked it as to-read Shelves: guest.

    Nov 20, Stefani rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of police procedurals and serial killers. Shelves: author-request-review , ebook. I liked the story, it was decent and well constructed. I really disliked Sgt. Reid, he annoyed me on nearly every page. And I absolutely loved Ben the serial killer, he was the shining star of this entire book! Like I said, it was decent and well constructed.

    But no sooner does he get there then that kind of thing starts to happen. Bodies of young women are turning up, proudly displayed in public, and Reid must face everything all over again. I thought that things progressed at a fairly good pace as far as the progression of the killings went. It was logical and made a lot of sense. All that was good. I give the author big props for doing so much research into police procedure and keeping it so real to life.

    However, there is a big reason that TV shows and movies make police work so fantastical…it makes it interesting. What should we do? Wait for another killing? Go talk to more people? I dunno. I was mildly perturbed about knowing the name and identity of the serial killer right off the bat, but since his scenes were so good I stopped caring at all. At first that was kind of amusing as people guessed and never got told, but it got old fast. And when it was used as a cliffhanger at the end, I was just over it. I also firmly believe that Reid has a medical condition.

    This man has the most tingly, twitchy groin that I have ever heard of. Sees the dead mangled body of a girl, he thinks about her nice body and tingly groin! Sees his partner walking around, twitchy groin! Looks at pictures of the murdered girls before they died, tingly groin!!

    Looks at a butterfly, twitchy groin!

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    I think he should see a doctor, he has a serious problem. The wife who is at home, calling to make sure he was safe and had dinner while you working his case, that controlling dirtbag! Even at crime scenes and during interviews. Needless to say, I despised Reid very much. So far all of this is mixed, liked some and hated some, but then we get to Ben the serial killer. If this book had been Ben only, it would have been five stars all the way.

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    I loved watching him as a young boy killing small animals, to progressing and refining his skills as a rapist and then finally as a killer. I never did quite figure out why Ben decided to taunt Reid which ultimately got him caught though. Until then, the cops had figured out nothing and were waiting for him to tell them how to catch him. I still liked it, but it felt rushed. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.

    Thanks to the author for providing this book! This and other great reviews at my blog Stefani's World of Words View all 5 comments. Jul 29, Georgina Morales rated it liked it. Red Island is the story of Sgt. He used to live in Vancouver, but after a grueling case that left him and his family scarred, they moved to Prince Edward Island. Otherwise known as The Gentle Island, it seems like a great place to concentrate on his family and leave the past behind. That is until the body of a young woman appears hanging from the feet, naked, and baring the terrible markings of torture.

    The island is not gentle anymore and the only hope for its people lies in the expertise Red Island is the story of Sgt. The island is not gentle anymore and the only hope for its people lies in the expertise of Reid against serial killers. Red Island is a strong story where the great abilities of Oliver to paint a picture without dragging the description forever are put to work so well. The simple matter-of-fact narrative allows the reader to loose himself in the story, and though some of the scenes depicted are quite gruesome, it never feels out of place or even graphic.