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All Rights Reserved. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Oxford Research Encyclopedias Religion. Search within subject: Select The image here is the Golden star map which an Inca elder was told was a map of the sky where their ancestors and Viracocha came from.

It has been investigated by scholars over the last 70 years and although they couldnt decipher the star map they did agree it was a real story. Its detail reproduced on one gold hammered sheet were one many large gold pieces placed as components on a full wall size rendition of the star map in the ancient temple. Note the wall and roof shape of the artifact.

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Here is the reference image source showing the original artifact in the Qorikancha in Cuzco which is almost a meter high ref. Starting at the top of the gold star map: This should have been easy for any astronomer to recognise but strangely no scholar ever managed to see this very simple piece of the star map.

The detail of the top of the artifact below literally screams out the easy to recognise importance of identifying three stars in a row with two other stars on either side of it. A typical cross formation but with just the three joined with a line beckoning the observer to follow alignment to that which is below it. It is also no coincidence its detail itself looks like the Christian cross of early churches where it is shown as stars.

Absolutely no coincidence here because I discovered this star formation is measurably the secret of the cross of the churches and the Christ. A secret that Constantine encoded in his symbols and historical records of his encounter with a being that came from the sky that taught him about the Cross of the Christ. The museum duplications are also on sale to the public to raise funds. Click the gold disc at the top of the page above the menu.

The secrets of the Christian Cross I have posted on this website bases its foundation on this identical star alignment knowledge following the way in the night sky of the 3 kings to the 'Bethlehem star'. Even more Follow through the big oval beneath it. Perhaps a way to say this is what the three stars will take you to, the sacred place of the sky 'ringed' with importance with this oval.

Inside the oval a preview where it takes you There is even a title for this artifact to the side of it having the same repeating Orion's belt with stars and another smaller oval. Its literally titled pictographically saying: 'Orion shows you the way to the place of the 'gods'. This star map is catagorized AA for good reason. It has virtually everything to proove the star map. There is a star and something that undeniably looks like a world associated with the star next to what scholars accept is the Pleiades.

We have a cosmic orientation match with Orion above the western horizon and crossing the ecliptic also shown. A world with firmament atmosphere and what appears like continents and oceans. There is even a journey path of the ancient star travellers, our human ancestors. The Incas worshipped the same star secret as all other ancient civilisations Up until October it remained something mysterious.

I was preparing a museum quality duplication of the artifact from the artifact expo for shipping to a project donor. I was dusting it off and gently wiping the 'anomaly' area while thinking why on Earth would they show a cluster of stars so weirdly and there are no stars in this position.

Some have curved radiating light bursts and there were different styles for depiction. I was wiping more to the left of it and wiped the two streaks that were behind this anomaly. I suddenly realised something profound But this was no ordinary comet It even had correct path match with the Inca golden tablet position of it. But the correlation date in April came and went. This was not the comet the ancients are referencing.

Coincidently while all were watching for fragment of this ISON comet While scientists argue if its an asteroid or a comet This new comet is not part of ISON at all. This new anomaly thought to be an asteroid very strangely just fell apart. This is just a theory for now but important to cover if there is any truth to it so it will help all understand the magnitude of not just this prophecy but the other prophecies that all seem to record a similar thing. The article study on Prophecy here Let us look at the comet in context on the golden tablet that is found in the Qorikancha temple in Cuzco.

The star map message depicts the identity of Viracocha as a star visitor entity. The Incas believe he is the great one of their ancient star ancestors. But something amazing now appears a lot clearer. The interaction between one from Earth speaking to this one with the title of 'Viracocha' the star visitor seen at the bottom of the gold tablet.

The Maya and many other ancient civilisations claim a day in the future when the star visitor ancestors return and up to now the Inca have no public recognised records of prophecy due to no written records.

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Let's look at the golden tablet. Consider the main story feature here.


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This appears to be a story of star travellers showing their journey from their world on the left of the tablet near the Pleiades and a line that probably went right around the walls of the temple to touch the other side of the front of the temple. As depicted on the golden tablet here it is on the right side were a cosmic dragon opens over Earth because it teaches a dot connecting to the continent of what looks like South America according to my interpretation.

If the comet fragments in the first week of December and if the unthinkable occurs, and we make first 'official' public contact with star visitors in our seen sky then consider this. If the star visitor event is a reality and if it qualifies as appearing a non evil visitor event, then the message given by such a visitor needs to be taken seriously and with trust. One needs to ask if this fragmenting Comet has passed this area or has any unusual identification associating the comet with this area of the night sky. But here is the thing.

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This prophecy does not involve doom and gloom in any visible way.