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I first heard this quote years ago, about , on my local NPR station. Immediately it made an impact on me. The only real frame of reference was have on what is a long or a short time is our own human lives. Therefore, minutes, hours, even years can often seem short, especially in hindsight. However, decades or the seven, eight, or nine decades of a long human life seems quite long to most of us. Yes we know that civilization is millennia old, Homo sapiens have existed for hundreds of millennia, dinosaurs millions of years ago, and so on, but it is hard to really grasp what real, ecological lengths of time are.

Our short sights get all the more shorter when we entrench ourselves in partisan political discussion. The other side is always wrong. They will never understand. They are incapable of compromise. Our side is always right. Only our side stands for real liberty. They will never bend. We will never compromise. We will forever stand by our principles. Meanwhile the stones in the desert are laughing at us. I suspect the trees and animals in the forest, and the fish in the sea laugh as well. To greater and lesser degrees, all these understand what real time is. Us humans can and do cause much destruction, but in the end the stones will still be there.

Even the forests and animals will in time recover. Beloved, gaze in thine own heart, The holy tree is growing there; From joy the holy branches start, And all the trembling flowers they bear. The changing colours of its fruit Have dowered the stars with metry light; The surety of its hidden root Has planted quiet in the night; The shaking of its leafy head Has given the waves their melody, And made my lips and music wed, Murmuring a wizard song for thee.

Is the "Beasts of the Southern Wild" filmmaker an interloper?

There the Joves a circle go, The flaming circle of our days, Gyring, spiring to and fro In those great ignorant leafy ways; Remembering all that shaken hair And how the winged sandals dart, Thine eyes grow full of tender care:. Gaze no more in the bitter glass The demons, with their subtle guile. Lift up before us when they pass, Or only gaze a little while; For there a fatal image grows That the stormy night receives, Roots half hidden under snows, Broken boughs and blackened leaves.

For ill things turn to barrenness In the dim glass the demons hold, The glass of outer weariness, Made when God slept in times of old. There, through the broken branches, go The ravens of unresting thought; Flying, crying, to and fro, Cruel claw and hungry throat, Or else they stand and sniff the wind, And shake their ragged wings; alas! Thy tender eyes grow all unkind: Gaze no more in the bitter glass. Yeats was an occultist and had a deep eye into the soul of humanity. This is apparent in many of his poems, but for me the most powerful and mystical of his poems is The Two Trees.

There are multiple ways to interpret this poem, each more personal than the last, but let me talk about some of the elements of this poem that color and reflect the Mystical Journey. One of the ways that I interpret this piece has to do with the two trees themselves.

In the first stanza, a beautiful tree is spoken of, and in the second, a dead and broken tree languishes in ice and snow. However, Yeats also speaks of the bitter glass a mirror , indicating that the two trees are actually one, and that perspective itself dictates whether a tree is beautiful or broken.

"Confessions of a Christian Mystic," by River Jordan - Southern Literary Review

Knowledge of good and evil can tempt one into bitterness, a slippery slope that can leave the heart barren and flameless. We sometimes say ignorance is bliss, which can be true. However, true depth can never be found in ignorance, so we blaze onward to the path of knowledge. The risk of this path is that we become overwhelmed by the grief of reality. Nature itself is neither good nor evil, but as humans we project our fears onto it and onto each other.

Once our eyes are open to the knowledge of how we truly treat one another, it can break your spirit and cause bitterness to grow like a seed that snuffs out your flame. Understanding that the joy you felt in your ignorance was a lie and that true joy comes from walking through the knowledge and being able to accept reality on the other side is the only way to get through a Dark Night of the Soul. This is reflective as well of the idea of yin yang—that light and darkness need each other. How can you understand your place as Divine without seeing all the parts of the world, even the ones you find personally unpleasant?

Hold the mirror up to yourself and try your best to see a clear image within, untainted by the noise of society telling you what it is right or wrong to see. Most of us will find a beautiful amalgamation of the Two Trees in our mirror, with beautiful lush leaves covered in snow, a few broken branches, and lovely trembling flowers. They are all there, and all beautiful.

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You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for a second and think of it all your life. Why do I make art? Why do you make art? What is it that we want to express, if anything? Questions like these are important to think about as an artist, especially when trying to brainstorm for new projects to start on.

Take Bob Ross for example, his work is pastel landscapes he created to show off the beauty of the natural world. The way in which he presented it, with his television series, was to teach and inspire others to appreciate painting and beauty. Simplistic, yes, but look at how beloved Bob Ross is among millions of people, and how many people he inspired and affected. Simplistic, but legendary.

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On a side note, in the art world, just mentioning a fan brush can invoke eye rolling responses from other artists. Ross gets a lot of hate from the art community, but as a youngster, he inspired me and is one of the many reasons why I am an artist. In college I did not spend much time on concepts until half way through my Junior year.

We vaguely explored concepts before, but only with heavy perimeters and restrictions, because the purpose was to learn technical skills. When I was finally free to explore my own ideas and develop them into projects, it quickly became my favorite part of the art making process. Whatever subject I was working on, I tried to become an expert in.

I would spend hours researching, making thumbnail sketches and trying to figure out how to present it in such a way that it invoked the response I wanted from the viewer. Note: A thumbnail Sketch is a series of small loose sketches meant to get down a vague visual of your idea on paper.

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With that said, it is important to realize that other people are going to take away all sorts of ideas from your art you may never even thought about. This is because regardless of our initial intent, what others notice and take in will be dictated the most by their own unique experiences and perspectives.

Just adding another layer of meaning, making the piece that much more thought provoking. At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do, in my personal opinion, is to spend time with your concepts and ideas before bringing them to fruition. This investment of time will allow a clearer picture for what you want.

So when, not if, something starts going wrong while you are creating your masterpiece, you will be better prepared to adapt and fix it, or outright change the piece completely. Regardless of how you get there, however, the journey will help you grow, and the end goal will be something to be proud of.

Biscuits are one of those foods that just seem like a miraculous mystery. They can be finicky and difficult to make. Never fear! After spending far too much time on biscuits and hating doing things the really long way, I have created a recipe that is quick, easy, and full proof. It is the process that makes or breaks biscuits success. My grandma used to make biscuits with lard or shortening and combine the fat and flour with a fork.

However, I prefer using butter for my biscuits. First of all, the colder your fat, the better. I recommend you get one made of solid metal rather than the ones that look like wire.

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The second tool is an ice cream scoop. The reason for this that I use the scoop to make evenly sized drop biscuits. When they returned my bowl, they asked whose grandma had made the biscuits. I smiled and said I made them. That was the best seal of approval I could ever have hoped for! You can use this recipe for Chicken and Dumplings, Chocolate Molasses, and you can even add cheese and garlic to make delicious dinner biscuits.

Recipes to come! Enjoy being the one who amazed everyone because you can actually make biscuits! My disclaimer: All these posts are my personal interpretation of the spiritual path. It may not go along with mainstream versions of these paths. While I consider my path to be a mystical one—one where the ultimate goal is to connect to the Divine—my foundation is Buddhist philosophy. In fact, whether the Buddha lived, whatever great deeds he did, none of that matters. This is quite a radical idea and goes back to mysticism vs.