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All she does is nod. Frightened, the man goes to his mother for help, and she tells him just what to do. Debby Bliss has been telling stories since she was 8 years old in Waterville, and she still loves to be surrounded by stories at every possible moment.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carole Lee was a high school teacher of chemistry and biology. About six years ago, she moved to Maine and now teaches science education at the University of Maine, Farmington. Judy worked at a private aviary where the many, varied birds—from small species of geese to swans and cranes—kept her on her toes.

One small, green bird gave her a hazing she has never forgotten. How did you meet your heartthrob? Jane tells how her father came home from World War II and met his future bride in Wilton—at a moment when he least expected love to appear. These same teachings are important and still hold relevance in the daily lives of contemporary Wabanaki. The stories seek to explain, educate, and reflect on the basic principles of life and taking care of our own. Mike is an internationally known storyteller. Did you notice how he closes his eyes when he tells?

His grandfather and father, both storytellers, closed their eyes, so he does the same. Eshu , a winner of the Storytelling World Award, specializes in tales and songs from Africa and the Diaspora, leavened with humor and mystery. With nearly 50 years of combined experiences performing in schools, libraries, theaters, and festivals, Motoko and Eshu offer a unique collaboration between cultures, entertaining audiences of all ages.

Both were very well received as Antonio shared vibrant and animated stories that draw from personal life merged with the lore and mythology of traditional story. Using the versatile yet simple nature of these art forms, I bring the audience and workshop participants to activate their imagination through rich symbolism and imagery.

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One of our own W. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Home MT. Blue T. Marvels and Mysteries: Stories from the Mountains of Maine Phyllis Blackstone told stories about a logger who experiences a down- fall after a hard day of work in the northern woods of Maine. It was generously Free and open to the public.

April, 1, Farmington April 1st.

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Ducks are more likely to sleep with one eye open when they are located on the edge of sleeping groups. Ducks can detect predators in less than a second. Duck eggshells have tiny holes pores that allow it to breathe. Respiratory gasses as well as water vapour travel through these pores allowing the egg to breathe ref. Perhaps the most famous practitioner was Elmer Crowell , a masterful carver and painter who lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Starring Katy Duck read for free riesna. Donald continued to be a hit with audiences.

Female Garganey has light area below and in front of its dark eye-line and a light area behind and above the eye-line. Many sportsmen are aware of health advisories regarding high PCB concentrations in ducks from Massachusetts Canada geese were not included in those advisories. Moose hunts are done by glass and stalk and calling. Calling is most effective early mornings and evenings during the peak of the rut.

Hunts are scheduled to include the normal peak rut of the bull moose. You will enjoy exceptional fishing for trophy Northern Pike and Walleye during your hunt and after your moose has been harvested , e. When people go out looking for wild birds they seem to forget that domestic breeds exist. First rule of thumb: If your weird duck is found at a park, walking around on the grass or coming near people, it is probably a domestic duck The Ducks' New Friends sahifa.

Each council Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific is composed of the states and Canadian provinces associated with their respective migratory region. The Government just needed to gulp, hold its nose, and announce duck season in a transparent way, and at a sensible time of the day. And, in doing so, it has failed to win fans of those who support duck shooting, those that oppose it, and those who want open government. She says it was called Twinkletoes , but doesn't have any other information. I'm sure I would recognize it immediately if I saw it. How about it, Harriet?

Can you finish the puzzle? Morgan, published Whitman , thin octavo, pictorial cloth boards, decorated endpapers, 6 colour printed dustwrappers, "from the elusive "For All Children from 5 to 10" series, an exceptionally rare title. The only fairy story with cars which comes immediately to mind is The Gnomobile by U. Sinclair , only in that one, it was the humans who drove the gnomes around, not the other way. Disney made a movie of it. Possibly The Cinematograph Train by G.

Farrow once well-known as author of the Wallypug books , illustrated by Alan Wright, published London, Bobbie and Evelyn go to the cinematograph the famous first moving picture showing a train rushing toward the audience and find themselves on the train station platform. This is Dreamland Junction and they take the train to Fairyland, where a they are met by an odd little driver with a "well-appointed motor-car". He drives them to meet the Queen of the Fairies - they and the car shrink as they go, to fairy-size.

The humour is whimsical and could be called dry. Fairy baking powder is put into cakes which make those who eat them lighter than air so they can levitate and escape from the evil giant Mam-on who keeps his subjects as slaves.

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The names aren't quite right - but there's a Prince Eddie in another story, who becomes a Fairy Tale Prince for a while, and discovers it's harder than it looks. McGraw, Eloise, Sawdust in his shoes, This is not a short story, but the young man here runs off to join the circus and this sounds like one of the chapters. His greatest ambitions were realised when he took over, at varying times, the two biggest and meanest tuskers of them all - Ziggy and Tusko.

The book is full of elephant lore and experiences funny, dangerous and disastrous. I know and love the book, and there is nothing about elephants in it at all. Searcher is looking for a short story about a man in a circus who sweeps up after the elephants, gets teased, and turns the tables in a Tom Sawyer's painting the fence trick. Check out the book titled Spangle. This is NOT a short story but a very thick and heavily researched fictional account of circus life.

The BDK invades CHIKARA [CHIKARA Three-Fisted Tales]

It is "gritty" and NOT for children. However, the elephant dung story appears in the book in slightly altered form and I think the book has lots of references and notes at the end, so it may point the searcher to the original story. Ten stories present the historical backgrounds of ghosts still haunting Valley Forge, the White House and other places in the United States.

Great Ghost Stories of the Old West Four Winds Press "A collection of eight eerie, spooky, mysterious, and terrifying ghost stories for young readers that proclaim that ghosts followed the Westward trails of America. I don't know anything about American ghost lore, so I don't know if these correspond to the remembered stories or not.

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I know this is a long shot. Shaw, Jane, Susan's Helping Hand. Children's Press A bit doubtful about this - some editions do have a pictorial cover showing a boy, a girl and an English bobby, but the cloth is usually green, and Children's Press usually only had a frontispiece illo, not plates throughout. Plot description is that Susan's habit of being helpful leads her into trouble. Tiddleman, A Bright Little Pair approximate Definitely the book,but comes in different editions with different pictures on front. Esther Hautzig, The Endless Steppe. Set in Siberia.

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A likely possibility. Thanks, but I'm certain that it's not The Endless Steppe. Anne Holm, North To Freedom. This could be North To Freedom. That story is about a boy named David. I probably read it somewhere around This doesn't sound like The Ark or Rowan Farm. There is some mention of them living in refugee camps, but that happens before the book starts. Lois Lowry, Number the Stars. Could this be Number the Stars? It's now and their life in Copenhagen is filled with school, food shortages, and the Nazi soldiers marching through town.

When the Jews of Denmark are "relocated," Ellen moves in with the Johansens and pretends to be one of the family. Soon Annemarie is asked to go on a dangerous mission to save Ellen's life. Much of the story is told from the point-of-view of the older sister, Ruth. My copy was published in by Scholastic, and the cover shows the children walking through snow. Christine Arnothy, I am fifteen and I don't want to die , , copyright.