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Did you feel any more empathy with your subject after being pushed to share your own life? I absolutely can empathize with Johnathan as a subject of a movie who wants to attempt to control how they're perceived. But at the end of the day, as I now know, and I think Johnathan knows, and we're all comfortable with this—you really just have to let go. You can't attempt to control how people view you, and their opinions of you, and how you look in every frame.

I found myself being more comfortable with coming across myself as a less-than-perfect looking, or acting, or sounding person. You leave it a bit ambiguous as to whether or not you did something in the film that's pretty illegal.

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And I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your thinking in deciding how you were going to treat that. That was a lengthy conversation. And only the last minute did I really decide how to play that off. It's more of a macro illustration of filmmakers struggling to figure out what's ethical, what's immoral, what's going too far in documentary film and in journalism.

I hope people get that and appreciate that, and not see it for the seedy, gimmicky thing that maybe it could be perceived as. But it really does illustrate a larger question dealing with journalism and doc filmmaking. There's really great moment towards the end of the film where Johnathan asks you if you're upset that he's not dying in time for your movie to have an ending. I was wondering how you felt when he said that. I think it was towards the very end of editing the Johnathan doc, I actually watched Capote , and also saw some similar themes between what I was doing.

I didn't have an ending in mind, and that ending that I didn't have in mind wasn't that he dies. At the time, there was a large chance of that happening, and I knew it was a possibility, but I didn't need that to happen. And clearly I didn't need that to happen because he's still alive and we have a pretty great ending. So yeah, he calls it like he sees it, and that's how he saw it.

And I think that's how a number of other people watching the movie have read it, that I was desperate for him to die to have an ending.

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That's a good story to tell, but it's not exactly the truth of my story here. How does Johnathan feel after seeing the film? What kind of feedback have you gotten from him? Well, leading up to showing him and his wife, Anna, the movie, I was very, very, very scared.

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We kind of finished the movie on a compressed schedule, so he already had a weird bad taste in his mouth about me confronting him. So he assumed that the whole movie was slanderous and showing him in a bad light.

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And I told him, "It's actually not. I think you're going to love it," even though I thought he was probably going to hate it. And we drove out to Vegas and just showed him and his wife and a couple of his friends, and they were convinced they were going to hate it. Very weird.

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So, yeah odd. Alice does show back up in the novels, but not until the last book I believe, which is like 7 years after her death, and the circumstances are very different. I am assuming they are using seeing Alice as the hook that brings Quentin back into magic and back to Fillory, as opposed to how it was accomplished in the novels, so interesting stuff. And Alice living in his back, I actually dig this. A very interesting twist to the story. And I love seeing Alice like this. Yeah, as you can imagine, not in the novels. Quentin stumbles upon Alice years later, as he is working on perfecting a spell that allows you to create a new world.

In his first attempt he creates a mirror world, and within it he finds Alice. It was interesting to see the bit with her mother and father though, just how messed up they actually were and how little their children actually meant to them. I did find it interesting that they had Alice leading him around to find the egyptian book.

In the novels Alice loves being a Niffin, and is not in favor of being made human again. In fact she loves tormenting Quentin. This whole storyline is odd. And then having Fillory declare war on the Lorians at the end? In the novels the Lorians are always the aggressors. I do dig the moment with Katy. This is interesting and kind of a bummer at the same time. In one sense having her trapped in Q makes for some real interesting moments, but it stops Alice from travelling as Niffins are able, which has some serious ramifications for the story down the road. Like the entire ending of the story.

So, I am interested in how they are going to fix this one.

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It was also great that she was so into the bank heist. I really enjoyed this one. They had to create a bunch of circumstances to make this work, to take this storyline, which is an adaptation of something from a later book, work at this point is pretty staggering. So kudos writers.


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