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It was short but the characters and plot were well developed and made it flow smoothly from start to finish. It was full of emotions and the struggles that relationships and people face in everyday life and threw in what we come to expect from romance books — love. It is not full of erotic scenes that you find in most This book is a novella that is short yet developed more like a novel.

It is not full of erotic scenes that you find in most novels now days which makes it the perfect choice for a change in pace. It had a great story line and did not keep you hanging at the end. There are six books in this series that are great for anyone looking for a shorter read. They all keep you wanting to read more from this amazing author. Melanie has become one of my favorite authors due to her writing style and great story lines. Any book by this author is a good one!

Oct 19, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: tour , romance. I am going to do my rating for the series as a whole versus book by book. When I went into this series, I expected your typical romance novel. I read the synopsis on each and pretty much knew what I was going to be reading. I was not disappointed. The stories were very predictable. I liked that though. Sometimes you just want to read a romance novel that doesn't have a whole bunch of drama going on.

All that drama takes away from the story most of the time. The characters w I am going to do my rating for the series as a whole versus book by book.

The characters were very normal. They didn't have a whole lot of baggage and problems to bring to the table.

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This made it very nice to read simply because they could have been the people behind you at the grocery store. I enjoyed that. These novellas are fast, quick reads. You won't spend your entire week trying to get through book one. You have no idea how great that is! There is not a whole lot of time I can spend to read so to be able to get through a novella a night was pretty fantastic! I thought they were very well written. The author did a good job making the characters real-life. The stories flowed seamlessly through each book. I never felt like I was lost or left behind.

Yes, they are your typical romance but without all the frills. This makes them very enjoyable to read. Very good job Melanie!

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Keep up the good work!! Jul 24, Carol rated it it was amazing. Love this series! I just can't stop reading! On to book 4! Thank you Melanie Macek! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Melanie Macek. Melanie Macek. Other books in the series. Iris only has eyes for Thorne, the man who causes her poise and grace to disappear whenever he comes within ten feet of her. The man who would fulfill all her dreams if she could just stop spilling her drinks on him and literally falling into his lap. The guys constantly rib him about his cleaning bills, but truthfully he likes the attention Iris gives him even if is at the expense of his wardrobe.

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Thorne realizes he not only misses her attention, he wants more from her. He wants the whole package. Available on: Kindle. Finding a man has never been a problem for Heather Baker. Smart and beautiful, her friends tell her she should have been a lawyer instead of a Hollywood set designer.

But what Heather expects and what she gets are two totally different things. She fears she could fall for Colum, something she never intended. Which is something any sane, single man would tell him was a stupid idea. Instead of being just another man to her, he sets out to show her how it feels to be courted. For the first time since his divorce, Sam is contemplating dating again.

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Unfortunately the object of his affection has no intention of allowing his advances. While not exclusive, the relationship held promise until she was swept completely off her feet by Derrick. After being manipulated and utterly humiliated in front of her friends and family, Aster is done with relationships. Evan Fitzgerald let his wounded pride keep him from stopping the woman who holds his heart from marrying another man. When circumstances give him another chance, Evan does his best to convince Aster not all men are like her ex.