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Krishnamurti: Is that love? Or are you saying that love is different from its expression?

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Or are you giving to expression greater importance than to love, and therefore making a contradiction and a conflict. Can love ever be caught in the wheel of change? If so then it can also be hate; then love is hate. It is only when there is no illusion that "what is" is most sacred. When there is no illusion "what is" is god or any other name that can be used. So god, or whatever name you give it, is when you are not. When you are, it is not. When you are not, love is. When you are, love is not. Skip to main content You are here Home.

The meaning of Maya

The Urgency of Change. Questioner: I don't know what that means. Questioner: I must meditate on this. Krishnamurti: If there is no illusion, what is left? Questioner: Only what is. Krishnamurti: The "what is" is the most holy. Questioner: I came here to find out if there is god, and you have completely confused me.

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Krishnamurti Texts. Chapter 54 - If you hurt nature you are hurting yourself. A Dialogue with Oneself. Browse all Texts. Krishnamurti videos. Can the human mind be completely free of fear? When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world. The cause of conflict in relationship.

Thought and time are the root of fear. Where are we going?

The Definition and Concept of Maya in Hinduism

Browse all Video. Krishnamurti audios. What does it mean to be totally free? Can thought stop? When one observes a fact without knowledge then one can learn. Is it possible to renew the mind? What is your deep interest in life? Browse all Audio. Krishnamurti quotes. His love of the place is premised on the knowledge that he will not always be able to return; that he, or it, will not be there forever:. When I return to the same landscape every summer, part of what makes it so poignant is that I may never see it again. Moreover, I care for the preservation of the landscape because I am aware that even the duration of the natural environment is not guaranteed.

Likewise, my devotion to the ones I love is inseparable from the sense that they cannot be taken for granted.

Our time together is illuminated by the sense that it will not last forever and we need to take care of one another because our lives are fragile. Once we seriously consider the consequences of existence without end, the prospect is not only horrifying but meaningless as the philosopher Bernard Williams argued years ago. To be invulnerable to grief is not to be consummated; it is to be deprived of the capacity to care.

And to rest in peace is not to be fulfilled: It is to be dead. Eternity is not at the heart of what such people care about; they hardly ever spend time envisaging it. He wants to out religionists as closet secularists. He makes a similar point in relation to Buddhism. Put simply, deconstruction proceeds on the assumption that literary texts, like people, have an unconscious that often betrays them: they may say one thing, but they act as if they believe another thing entirely. Their own figures of speech are the slightly bent keys to their unlocking.

If the religious believer often behaves like an unconscious secularist, then one can assume that some of the great canonical religious texts will do something similar, revealing their actual procedures to a skeptic who is willing to read them against the grain.

Thoughts And Ideas

Lewis, Augustine, and Kierkegaard with a generous captiousness, fair but firmly forensic. Eternal beatitude has supplanted human connection. So, instead of being forced into, say, rationalist triumphalism there is no God, and science is His prophet , he can expand the definition of the secular life so that it incorporates many of the elements traditionally thought of as religious.

Feuerbach is particularly interesting on the question of immortality.

He says that Heaven is the real God of man: it is Heaven we are really after. Instead, religious practice could be seen as valuable and even cherishable, once it is understood to be a natural human quest for meaning. Everything flows from the double assumption that only finitude makes for ultimate meaning and that most religious values are unconsciously secular.

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Answer Wiki. Imagine this scenario: Imagine a world without religion. What's a miracle that God performed in your life? As per Hindu mythology, all the sorrows and happiness are a result of our karma in our past life. If it is so, then why do people pray to God I'm beginning to lose faith. Does God really exist, and if yes does he even listen to our prayers? Have you ever experienced a miracle from prayer?