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This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. The story follows the simmering attraction between Isabel and Kash throughout the trip, with much push-pull and very intense, sexual attraction and connections between the two. The author is one of the best I've read at describing sexual attraction and sexual longing and pushing sexual boundaries in lesfic romance that make the heat quotient soar into the stratosphere.

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I took a star off because there were some small plot inconsistencies that stopped me from time to time, mostly having to do with with interactions between Isabel and her best friend, Gillian. These involved conversations I would have expected them to have that weren't in the book or weren't when I expected them to occur. Gillian was there when it was convenient and absent when it wasn't. But all in all, this is a strong romance that is worth the read.

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Apr 21, IndigoIris rated it liked it. More sizzle than romance. Main character wasn't likeable and Isabel just took it, I didn't really like that dynamic. Wasn't happy with the end. Mar 31, Amy rated it really liked it. Kim Baldwin is one of my go to authors when a need a good read. Have not read one of hers I have not liked. Enjoyed this one very much. Jul 10, Julie added it. Don't remember.

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Oct 29, Melinda rated it liked it Shelves: lesbian-romance , romance. Lately I've been searching for lesbian romance novels that I could read without being annoyed at the sex scene or lack thereof. And this novel was it. I enjoyed the story of a selfless, people loving, cake decorator meeting a jaded famous photographer.

The journey was fun though I think that it could have been a little shorter, but it was still good in spite of the length.

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I like Isabelle, but I really thought that she should have given up on Kash. Kash was seriously an ass. I understand that Lately I've been searching for lesbian romance novels that I could read without being annoyed at the sex scene or lack thereof. I understand that life experiences have caused her to be an ass, but seriously she could have lightened up a bit. I found my self amazed that Isabelle knows that she should leave Kash be but she is hooked on the Kash drug. So much so that no matter how crappy Kash treats her she still knows that they could be more.

Kash on the other hand knows that Isabelle is different than the other women she's been with and she's running scared. And her running scared makes her a bit on the stupid side. Because she is scared of being hurt she can't trust anyone. On the whole I enjoyed this story a lot.

I appreciated that there weren't kids involved and that they are both near in their 30s. So it wasn't the usual virgin story that you get sometimes. Jun 13, Lindig rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. Lesbian novel. Sweet young thing melts hard heart of famously promiscuous artist. Ho hum ho hum.

Readingsarcastic rated it it was ok May 12, Michelle Campbell rated it liked it Jul 30, Gregory Kett rated it liked it May 24, Bobbi rated it liked it Mar 26, Eb rated it really liked it Oct 18, Gayle B Stowell rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Dana Ramsey rated it liked it Jul 08, Ahi rated it really liked it Apr 09, Jerri rated it really liked it Apr 22, Heather rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Chill rated it really liked it Sep 03, JaimeL rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Kath rated it really liked it Apr 27, Danie rated it liked it May 22, Melissa B rated it really liked it Nov 14, Nolly Sepulveda rated it really liked it Aug 12, Kim rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Dee rated it liked it Jan 11, Margaret rated it really liked it Jul 12, Jam rated it liked it Feb 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Kim Baldwin.

Kim Baldwin. Kim has made her living as a writer for more than three decades, working as an Emmy-winning journalist in network news for twenty years before she began penning fiction. She resides in a national forest in Michigan, with few neighbors and a long drive to get to the nearest airport, movie theater, or ethnic restaurant. The positive feedback she received from readers hooked her to continue writing more romantic lesbian adventures.

Travel is a major obsession. Kim first went to Europe at age fourteen, traveling with her parents on a five week excursion through a dozen countries.