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Tried this method last night. Worked like a charm. Our steaks tasted like butter. Two things — 1. Let the steak sit, uncovered, in the fridge for a day or two before cooking it.

Grilled Steak Recipe with Garlic-Herb Butter

It WILL lose a little moisture, but it will be much more tender and taste all the more beefy for it. DO NOT rinse it before cooking, but take it out of the fridge 30 min. A room-temp steak will cook better than a cold one. My only problem is using the right amount of salt, because I leave it overnight in the fridge and until I come back from work!

Going to try to print this all so I can have it to refer to. I had steak 2 nights in a row, the other night with the first steak I marinated in a teriyaki marinade sauce for about an hour then fired it. It did not taste good at all. I then put some steak rub and garlic powder then fried on a griddle for about minutes each side meat was about half inch thick or so and when finished I poured just a small amount of teriyaki sauce without cutting the meat and it was super yummy!

Seems counter-intuitive. Absolutely Amazing. It really worked!!!

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The meat was super tender. And that is saying something because it was a cheap cut. Thanks so much. Random question… I also had a Mr. Curious, when salting you are drawing the water out of the steak, but by rinsing the salt off , are you re-introducing water into the steak? No need to use any tenderizer…. I use kosher salt when salting and I would recommend that over regular table salt. Thanks for the suggestion Furthea. Should I only tenderize certain cuts?

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Thanks, Love, Me! Recently Applebees came out with a Roasted Garlic steak that I adore. Well this salting thing with some fresh garlic comes so wonderfully close.

I like eating at Applebees but they never get the steak quite as rare as I like. I LOVE your drawings and the editorial comments with them! I about died. I plan to try this next time I cook a steak. I love to marinate a steak in moores sauce and I want to know if I did what you said salt the steak for hour or so can I marinate steak in moores sauce?

Try the salt method without the marinating first and see if you like it. Hi, That was very interesting; my problem though, is that my husband MUST eat a very low sodium diet so I cannot even use salt — he would have a fit.

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I am right now marinating with honey, barbecue seasoning from Tastefully Simple and garlic, pepper, steak seasoning sodium free onions and a little — very little barb sauce. Good tip, just probably not for us. I used this with lamb shoulder blade chops, and grilled on my gas grill. It turned out very well, nice and tender. After salting for 1 hour, I rinsed and then applied garlic, rosemary and pepper on both sides, until it was time for grilling. Very good, thanks for the technique! I will try this on other cuts. Well, I was so excited about this, but it did not turn out so well.

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I followed directions exactly but steak was still a tad tough and WAY too salty. You really want a good steak? Salt as mentioned above.

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Smoke for min each side longer for thicker cuts and remove steaks. Turn the grill up as high as it can go pref F and sear steaks for 1 min per side — remove from grill. Baste with melted or clarified butter, let rest for 5 minutes and serve.

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  5. Just want to let you know, after you rinse the salt off, if you save the meat for another day, it keeps really well. The steak was a little too salty but still very good.

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    The rest I dried very well and sprinkled with pepper, rubbed rosemary, garlic powder, and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce. I put them in the fridge. They were still RED and had no off-smell. Oh, I am so excited! I finally can make a good steak! I tried this tonight on a thin ribeye. I coated it liberally with sea salt and let it sit on the counter for about 30 minutes, rinsed it and dried it off—then heated some olive oil in my cast iron skillet—cooked for 4 minutes on each side, covered it with foil while my corn on the cob was nuking- corn on the cob cooked in the microwave IN the husks for 5 minutes for 1 ear is perfection I was just the tiniest bit too salty but I contribute that to my not perhaps rinsing it enough—at any rate it was tender, flavorful and I will absolutely cook all my steaks this way in the future!

    Yum and thanks!!!! First of all, I actually use regular table salt. I salt it with maybe just a little more than one would regularly salt their steak, and I also use pepper and onion soup mix which I put into the blender to make into a powder for flavor. I leave this sit for about an hour and a half, rinse and then BBQ or fry as usual.

    I tried this today — we had some fairly cheap top sirloin steaks from the grocery store — about 1. I used sea salt on them and left them alone for about an hour and 20 minutes. I rinsed them well, patted them dry, and cooked them up on the stove. Not sure what I did wrong — maybe a tad too much salt? Very close though: these steaks are usually a dismal failure and are as easy to chew as an old shoe!

    Pingback: Juicy steak Sugarmunkee. I am definitely no cook but have done this a few times for friends only. Everyone raves about the texture and taste and insist on setting a date when I will do it again. Fantastic and works perfectly everytime. Anyone who says it did not work clearly is doing something wrong. One small point of contention however. You mentioned to leave the salt on the meat for an hour per inch of thickness.


    However, later you state that for your 1. Based on your tip, a 1.

    To read is to escape, to write is to release!

    When my husband goes out of town, I like to experiment…knock it off! Mind out of the gutter. I tried this with two, one inch sirloins and coarse Kosher salt. Due to circumstances beyond my control lost track of time playing an iPad game it sat for 2 hours instead of one. Absolutely fabulous! I believe I left out on the counter for about an hr. It was tender 1 inch thick. My only problem is that the meat smelled funny after cooking it. It is well done, but it had this… raw, meat gone bad smell. Is this because I left the meat on the counter for an hour?

    I also noted that there was a small part of the meat that had turned brown just a small streak in the packaging.