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Not much to say. If my small, "poor" country can have its government open-source so should the rest of the EU. In a democracy there should be transparency, and knowing how our institutions software works should be the new golden standard. I believe it is in the best intrest of the people that have provided funding for these projects to have open and free access to the projects. Along with open access research, open sourcing publically funded code is the only moral thing to do. Roads are built for the public through taxes for economic opportunity and more. Why isn't this the case with publically financed software?

There is no reason to not open source public sector software unless it is insecure, in which case, it should be made more secure first. Public code for public money is such a no brainer, I can't believe I haven't heard about it before. Makes total sense and good for everyone!


I have been a user of Free and Open Source software for a long time. If the governments were more open I would definitely trust them more. The time has come to consider software as a fundamental social resource with deep political and democratic implications. This ensures security standards are met and standards are high. Professional software engineer not a lobbyist whispering in your ear, but the people they are trying to screw. Open source is bringing us meaningful and concrete jobs. Proprietary software only generate bullshit jobs.

Es gibt keinen guten Grund, das Rad 3x zu entwickeln. Auditing wird durch open source erleichtert. This is the only way for us to ensure we stay up to date and are not being enclosed by private software companies. Free and open source software is the only way to protect the government against fatal security flaws in the future. Open sourcing public sector projects will make them more secure and ensure that they uphold good quality. If my money gets wasted on some useless, badly coded software, at least let me have a look at it!

Since enterprises are lately relying successfully on open source software, seems like a sensible approach to bring similar quality to pub I Work for the Danish governmen, and is fustrated over all the proprietary blobs we have no control over what does. This is a great initiative. A lot of people can learn from code and more people can contribute towards a better codebase. Open-source government systems enables any competent engineers to fix bugs, errors and further improve the systems!

I believe free open source software to be the way to go to improve transparency and international and municipal collaboration.

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Also Data which cannot be related to a certain person but publicly collected and managed should be made readily available. Not only will this increase transparency, it might also increase security. Both of those are good things. This would not only strengthen the people's trust in government programs, but also enable individuals to control the code they payed for. Free internet and open source software are very important tools that will protect citizens of EU against the enemies of free Europe.

I think developer who are spending time on an open platform should be getting some sort of profit from their hard work. The moral aspect is good, but not important. What's important is the benefits for security, quality and exposing corruption. Open source code is more than just code, it's a commitment to an entire word view of openness and respect for all fellow men. I would contribute myself.

This would also be a good motivation to learn more about governmental processes. Open source or rather free software is basically the definition of transparency and collaboration. I think this is a great idea we could all benefit from. Public projects would benefit from issue reporting and pull requests! Freie Software ist die Grundlage einer Demokratie im Not only will this allow for better growth of whomever needs the software, it will uncover many security vulnerabilities.

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As a Computer Science researcher for a German University I wholeheartedly support this because it improves the research quality and fairness. Geheimhaltung von Programmcode hat noch nie funktioniert. Sicherheit ist also kein Argument.

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Wir verschwenden so nur Ressourcen. There is no reason any government should be controlled by a corporation just because they built their product. FOSS is the optimal way to go. Free and Open Source is the future and it's the only way to prove a piece of software respects its user's privacy.

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Publicly funded software and research belongs to the people who have paid for it, ie the public. I think the Open Source community has long since proved that it significantly improves the overall QA of software.

I agree with the notion that use of public money in order to create code, the code should be made available under a FOSS license. This should be a public right not only because we pay for it but because it is necessary to advance as civilization and not re-write code We deserve to be able to fix broken apps ourselves! Also, security by obscurity is not a good excuse. It shouldn't even be possible to discuss about this thing in the first place Companies writing the code financed by public funds are gate-keeping anyone else which would want to maintain the code by keeping it private.

The free-software model can be difficult to justify financially. This is not one of those times. Open Source Software is the future. Stimulate growth and security by using it on the public sector.

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Free software is the way forward in the modern world. Taking action on this issue is a major step in the right direction. There is no logical reason why public money should be used to fund private software development. Public money-public benefit! Public money should be invested in open solutions that everbody can benefit from and don't cause vendor lock-in.

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Public money should not feed corporate cats that use telemetry to spy on their users. Opensource now! El software libre le da a todos el derecho de usar, estudiar, compartir y mejorar el software If public money pay for the code there is no reason why the public shouldn't benefit from the code! Everything from Earth should be free not just software internet money lumber utilities houses it brings blessings to us all.

The post office. The only one of my favourite phone number of the Paperwork Reduction Act together with my own personal information to help. It seems extraordinary that software developed for public administration has to be paid for s of s of times! I request permission to use the image of orbital facts of earth in my book on 'Many Things of Our Earth'. Boa tarde.. I love free software!

And I think it's right, if you pay indirectly, that the source code should be open! The risk of closed-source solutions for digital sovereignty is too high to be acceptable. Let's make it open and collaborate! Opensource is a big chance for all of us! As less as possible of public money should be used for running proprietary software. With open source comes transparency which usually leads to better privacy and security for the software's users. Support open source. Ich fordere eine Testphase ggf.

Open Soucre software can be audited thus checked for tampering, improves cyber security, transparency, greater independence from lobbyists. I sing this petition because all the software should be "libero", especially public founded software development!! Wie viele Dutch cases bedarf es noch? It makes a lot of sense to make publicly funded code open source; if everyone pays for it, it should be publicly available. I strongly believe is the year of FOSS. People should invest in FOSS developement so that their data remain to themselves. Code is not only import to running public operations, but also represents knowledge, which in this case is publicly funded.

Software that are legally finance by the taxpayers should be open source and free because the taxpayers symbolically owns that software. Solo il libero accesso ai dati ed il libero scambio sono garanzia di libera concorrenza e trasparenza. It's definitely time to use the money spent on software collaboratively at least in the public sector. Thanks FSFE for spreading awareness! Completely agree with issue that tax payers money should not be used for purchasing proprietary software.