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For me, using alcohol to sedate myself was just one phase of my widowhood I had to go through. Especially when dealing with the sudden death of my wife.

It was only last weekend when I started to think about just how cohesive alcohol is in all our lives. Life is good?

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Have a drink. Life is shit? Out celebrating, are we?

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Have a drink? Cooking a nice steak at home tonight? At a wedding? Oooh, free drinks. Big match on the television?

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At a funeral? You guessed it — drinks! This grief self-care medicine created a massive gap between knowledge and behaviour. Being a single parent, I had responsibilities. I had to be Mum and Dad. I knew people would be looking at me to see how I was coping. Plus, who has ever made a good decision when drinking?

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Somehow, I just found a deeper connection between rationalisation and alcohol. It addressed the symptoms of my grief, not the underlying problems.

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It put me at high risk for developing dependence. It put a strain on my body and more importantly my mind. What they found was that alcohol had a significant analgesic effect, meaning it greatly reduced pain.

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The tipping point was a legal driving blood alcohol content BAC limit of. Regardless of exactly how beer works to ease pain, the researchers did note that people who suffer from chronic pain tend to drink more due to the pain-dulling effect.

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And as with any study, more research is likely needed to confirm the results. Originally published as Need Pain Relief?

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